Отзывы наших студентов

Дарья, 17 лет, Канада

Canada is a great country for living and studying. If you still can't decide go to Canada or not, believe me it's worth it! :)

I came to this "maple" country almost 2 months ago and don't regret about it. I'm staying in quite small town called London, ON. Despite the fact that London is not so big, it becomes noisy in the beginning of school year(all students are coming back after summer holidays full of energy and enthusiasm).
  First few weeks were hard for me :
1) jet lag 
2) homesick
3) new people and language
The most convenient way to go through this adaptation without harmful impact is to stay in the host family, what I did personally. I am extremely lucky to stay with 35-years old woman, who helps me every single day to make my life in Canada joyful.  It is true that Canadian lifestyle can be different from Ukrainian, but from the other hand Canada is multicultural country and it is always welcome internationals with open arms.
When it comes to school...well... I feel like in American movie.  Fanshawe College is incredible!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE. When I first came there I was literally speechless.  From the first sight it is clearly seen that these guys are trying provide everything that can be needed to make your studying successful. Classes, labs, library, cafeterias, bunch of different services that gonna satisfy your needs. All Fanshawe employees are opened to help with any kinds of problems (nothing is impossible for them).
I was supposed to take Hotel Management program at Fanshawe, but how it often happens I changed my mind in the last minute. There wasn't any problem to change the course, I just went to International office, where group of professionals was ready to help me. So I transferred to Business - Finance program, which I really like so far!
In the end, once again I want to say that Canada is lovely country with lots of great opportunities, so don't miss the chance to come here and change the life for the better! 


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