Отзывы наших студентов

Дарья, 14 лет, Англия

My trip to Oxford Brooks University was unforgettable! I am really glad that I had the opportunity to visit the school. It was a huge step for me. In my opinion, England is the perfect country for study.

What about school…Everything was fine for me. Teaching staff was amazing. They were friendly and very funny. These guys were our friends. 

Lessons were not boring at all. We talked about music, films and innovations. Every lesson was interesting and cognitive. During several hours we had a lot of funny tasks and activities. So when it was time for a break, I was surprised that so much time has flown.

As for excursions, it was not what I expected. I thought that we will have a tour guide, who will tell us everything, but instead staff gave us pieces of paper with some information and then we had free time.

Activities after lessons usually were not so interesting for me. So for example when was a football or basketball I went to shopping to Oxford city centre! So if you are fan of sport, these activities will be perfect for you.

Food was not the same as we used to. Sometimes it was too flavorless and sometimes too spicy. But this problem was solved within a few days.
In general I was left with lots of good memories. I gained new knowledge and experience, met new friends from different countries. I hope that I will come again next year.

Спасибо Вам большое за помощь в организации этой поездки!


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