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Даша, 12 лет, Ирландия

My Holiday in Ireland

When I arrived, was taken by a school staff. In first day in school we wrote a test. I was assigned to the group Pre-intermediate. I had one lesson after the first lesson, I went with my group to the Orientation tour.

The next day I had two lessons. The first lesson was with teacher Helen, the second lesson was with teacher Eddie. One lesson takes half on hour. Such lessons were every day except Sunday and Saturday. Every Saturday it was excursion a full day. We went with my group to the Waterford Krystal and Wiglow Gaol.

On Sunday we had a free day. We can go to the city centre, park, cinema with friend or hold time with host family.

Every two weeks in school it was Sports day. Sports day was after two lessons. After lessons we go in class room A1. We painted our faces in the colors of our team. There were competitions in bascet-ball and football. The last competition was held outside, and there we all. These competitions were very very jolly. After this competition we go home wet from head to toe.

In my first family there were four people, hostparents, hostsister and brother. I first family I lived one week. Name of my hostmother was Pollywn. She work pastry cock. On Tuesday, she and her friend caked cakes, and I helped her. On this day, moved to and ther family.

In my second family it was four people, hostparents, hostbrother and sister. In this is family I lived three weeks and with my roommate.

The name a my roommate was Sophia. The name of my hostmother was Sharon, hostfather Peter, host sister Raichel, host brother Adam.

In Ireland I really liked it. Ireland this is very beutiful country, in her intresting city and countryside. Irish dances are very beautiful. I'm going with my friends to the “River Dance”.

Thanks to this trip I had a lot of friends. This trip was very good!


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