Отзывы наших студентов

Аня, 16 лет, Англия

Did you enjoy your stay? Yes, a lot.

Did you like your room? Yes.

What was good or bad about your room? Room was good, but bathroom is too small, the door cannot be locked, it's too bad.

Did you like the food? Yes.

Which meals did you like? Pasta, potatoes, fruits, vegetables

Were there any meals you didn't like? If "yes", what didn't you like? Curry, pork, too many potatoes

Did you like your class? Yes, a lot

What did you like about your class? Do you think your English has improved?

Teachers and students. Yes, of course.

Was your class interesting? Yes, a lot
What was the best thing you did in class? Newspaper, project lessons

Did you like the activities? Yes.

Which activities were the best? Football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, drama, disco

Which activities did you not like, if any? fun and games

Did you like the excursions? Yes.

Which excursions have you enjoyed the most? Manchester, York

Which excursions did you not like, if any? Lake district, it was too boring

Would you like to come back next year? YES

Would vou recommend the school to a friend? YES

Any comments?

I like this school. It.s my second time here. I like people here, staff and students.

Everything is coo! Best schoo!


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