Отзывы наших студентов

Виктория, 15 лет, Англия

Did you enjoy your stay? Yes, a lot.

Did you like your room? Yes, a lot.

What was good or bad about your room? Nothing bad, I'm satisfied with everything.

Did you like the food? Yes, a lot.

Which meals did you like? I love meals with potatoes

Were there any meals you didn't like? If "yes", what didn't you like? No, I love Churchill's food

Did you like your class? Yes, a lot

What did you like about your class? Do you think your English has improved?

I love our teacher! Jim is a wonderful teacher, really! And I'm sure that my English has already improved.

Was your class interesting? Yes, a lot
What was the best thing you did in class? I enjoy working together on the project lessons. I also love themes, which our teacher gives us.

Did you like the activities? Yes, a lot.

Which activities were the best? Frisbee, Drama, Badminton My favourite activities :)

Which activities did you not like, if any? --

Did you like the excursions? Yes, a lot.

Which excursions have you enjoyed the most? Lake Sistrict. That was coll, I like

Which excursions did you not like, if any? --

Would you like to come back next year? YES

Would vou recommend the school to a friend? YES

Any comments?

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